What Is The Difference Between A Mud Face Mask And A Sheet Face Mask? October 13 2013


Aloe, avocado, mud, clay and collagen… and the list goes on! There are a multitude of masks out there, it can become overwhelming at times. So we’re going to explain the difference between the two main forms of masks: mud masks and sheet masks.


What is a mud mask?

They’re often bought in tubs or tubes or can be made at home. They are thick in texture and are applied directly to the face. You’ve all seen the photos before of a woman with a green face, white robe and cucumbers on her eyes…usually relaxing by a resort pool. That’s a mud mask.


What is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask can also be called a ‘cloth mask’. You’ll find them in sealed packets. When opened up, they already have holes for your nose, mouth and eyes removed. It looks like a white sheet lying on the face and people may mistake you for a ghost… It provides comedy gold as well as amazing results.


Which is better?

Sheet face masks are quickly becoming the house-hold favourite due to convenience. There is no-mess and it ensures the mask is applied evenly every time. But there are also some other dermatological benefits which mud masks can’t achieve…

By setting the cloth on your face, it allows all the moisture to be locked into the skin, giving it a better chance to really condition the skin. The cloth creates a vacuum effect which blocks out the free radicals in the air. It allows a deeper penetration of the skin cells.

If you’ve never tried out a sheet mask, we strongly encourage you to. You know what they say: once you go sheet, you’ll never go back… Upload a pic and tag us @cleanskinco or use the hashtag #cleanskinco – pull a funny face with the sheet mask. We want to join in the fun too!