Why Is My Skin So Dry? October 18 2013

If we were given a dollar every time we heard this, we would have $17.50 (a child also asked and they got a 50% discount). Why is my skin so dry, you ask? It’s usually due to the change in seasons. Your skin is exposed to different elements all year round and sometimes it needs a little help catching up.

Cold weather can especially upset our complexions. Leaving the warm heat of your car, to the harsh breeze outside and then back into a heated office… will leave your skin dry, itchy and uncomfortable. The combination of wind, central heating and low humidity severely dehydrates the skin.


So how can you prevent this?

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Lather yourself in moisturiser twice a day. Keeping your skin hydrated will prevent itchy, flaky skin.

  2. Try to avoid extremely hot showers. A warm shower with a softening wash is far gentler on your skin. 

  3. Drink 3 litres of water every day. Your skin is a living, breathing organ so treat it that way! You need to give it the nutrients it needs and water is number one. Increase your water intake to keep your skin soft during the colder months. 

  4. Cut the junk. Try to eliminate sugary foods. The breakdown of sugars damages the collagen that keeps skin smooth and firm.  

  5. Use face masks. If you worked 9-5 without a lunch break, you’d be exhausted. Well your skin works 24/7 battling different elements – the least you could do is give it a 15 minute break!

If it’s too late for prevention and your skin has already buckled under the breeze… then exfoliation is key! Gently exfoliate your face in a circular motion to get rid of the dead skin cells and then moisturise religiously.