Victoria’s Secret Show 2013 – What are the angels skincare secrets? November 14 2013

It’s that time of year again. You know the one. You curl up on the lounge with a few girlfriends (boyfriends are obviously banned) and you gaze at the screen while tall, beautiful models sashay down the glittery runway. They make walking in heels look like a breeze, in fact, I’m convinced they wear functional wings and they’re gently flying back and forth. The show attracts millions of viewers around the world and it’s not hard to see why...


We’ve heard all about their diet secrets – clean eating and exercise. But what about the secrets to their glowing skin? Well here they are...


Behati Prinsloo’s secret: Less is more.

“I’m very minimal, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just a little concealer and mascara.”


Candice Swanepoel’s secret – Stock up on vitamins.

“It's most important to think about what you're eating. It's just trying to make sure I get Vitamin C or D. You can't have glowing skin on nothing."


Alessandra  Ambrosio’s secret:  Use gradual tan moisturiser.

“It's pretty much goof-proof and it has SPF 15 so I look glowy and stay protected from the sun at the same time."


Lily Aldridge’s secret: Slap on sunscreen.

"I don't leave home without it!.”


Doutzen Kroes’ secret: Cut out junk food.

"Lots of protein, salads - no chocolates, no candies." 



Cara Delevingne’s secret: Don’t go to bed with makeup on. 

“I use simple face wipes to get the makeup off.”


Erin Heatherton’s secret: Hydrating face masks.

"Leading up to the show, I use face masks and hair treatments so I feel extra-conditioned and soothed.”

So there you have it folks. Now you know the secret to those fresh, angelic faces. You can thank us later. Gather some friends, grab a pack of cleanskinco masks and sit back and enjoy the enchanting visual journey that is: The Victoria’s Secret Show 2013.


We cannot wait.











Why You Shouldn't Wear Make-Up During Exercise October 25 2013

We've all heard that wearing make-up during exercise is bad for our skin. Many studies have shown that wearing makeup while exercising can ruin your complexion.

When our body temperature rises during exercise a few things happen to our skin. Other than just sweating, as skin becomes warm it also becomes slightly relaxed and pores enlarge. When make-up is applied to skin at this state, even the best foundation will create a streaky effect and increases the chances of a breakout.

During a good workout, your skin needs to be able to breathe. The heat along with your sweat will open up your pores and skin will become blocked with nasties. Your skin becomes a muddy mess of bacteria, dead cells and make-up. Not everyone reacts by getting spots, but most will experience blackheads, skin dulling and contributes to uneven skin texture.

Before a strenuous workout skin should be cleansed and a light moisturiser should be applied because free radicals are created when we exercise. Post exercise, skin should be cleansed lightly to wash off sweat and any germs you picked up at the gym. A cleanskinco mask is a great way to moisturise within a few hours after the gym.

If you shudder at the idea of exposing your natural skin, try to use an oil-free, light tinted moisturiser or BB cream. After your workout, cleanse your face as soon as possible before your skin cools down and your pores become tightened. Once your pores tighten, you’ll be trapping in the make-up, sweat and grime in the pore opening which leads to breakouts. Also, replace mascara and eyeliner with an eyebrow and lash tint!




8 Tips For Preventing Pimples October 21 2013

Read these 8 tips to keep those spots away from your skin!

  1. Establish a good skin care routine
    Wash your face morning and night with warm water and a mild cleanser. Try to resist scrubbing as it can further irritate inflamed skin. Make sure you dry your face with a clean towel to avoid spreading acne-causing bacteria.
  1. Keep your skin hydrated
    Many acne-fighting products contain ingredients which dry the skin, so always use a moisturizer which minimizes dryness and skin peeling.
  1. Clean your makeup brushes regularly
    Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria if they’re not regularly cleaned. Use a mild liquid soap and warm water to clean them once a week!
  1. Inspect your hairline
    If you have breakouts along your hairline, avoid using fragrances, oils and harsh chemicals on your hair. These can migrate to the face and block your pores. Experiment with a few hair products until you find one that doesn’t aggravate your skin!
  1. Don’t pop pimples!
    Put those hands down…yes, you! Popping pimples forces toxins deeper into the tissue which delays the healing process and also causes more pimples!
  1. Limit your time in the sun
    The sun’s harsh UV rays increase inflammation and redness. Ensure you’re slip, slop and slapping with at least an SPF 15.
  1. Stock up on fruit and vegetables
    Nourish your body from the inside, out. Studies show that eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet boosts your immunity and skin health.
  1. Get moving!
    Exercise boosts circulation and blood flow throughout the body which helps to nourish skin cells. It also allows the body to sweat out any potentially damaging toxins.  And if that wasn’t enough, exercise produces the most ideal conditions for producing collagen – that help keep fine-lines at bay!



What Is The Difference Between A Mud Face Mask And A Sheet Face Mask? October 13 2013


Aloe, avocado, mud, clay and collagen… and the list goes on! There are a multitude of masks out there, it can become overwhelming at times. So we’re going to explain the difference between the two main forms of masks: mud masks and sheet masks.


What is a mud mask?

They’re often bought in tubs or tubes or can be made at home. They are thick in texture and are applied directly to the face. You’ve all seen the photos before of a woman with a green face, white robe and cucumbers on her eyes…usually relaxing by a resort pool. That’s a mud mask.


What is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask can also be called a ‘cloth mask’. You’ll find them in sealed packets. When opened up, they already have holes for your nose, mouth and eyes removed. It looks like a white sheet lying on the face and people may mistake you for a ghost… It provides comedy gold as well as amazing results.


Which is better?

Sheet face masks are quickly becoming the house-hold favourite due to convenience. There is no-mess and it ensures the mask is applied evenly every time. But there are also some other dermatological benefits which mud masks can’t achieve…

By setting the cloth on your face, it allows all the moisture to be locked into the skin, giving it a better chance to really condition the skin. The cloth creates a vacuum effect which blocks out the free radicals in the air. It allows a deeper penetration of the skin cells.

If you’ve never tried out a sheet mask, we strongly encourage you to. You know what they say: once you go sheet, you’ll never go back… Upload a pic and tag us @cleanskinco or use the hashtag #cleanskinco – pull a funny face with the sheet mask. We want to join in the fun too!



3 Benefits Of Using A Face Mask October 06 2013

Face masks have been a part of beauty regimes for generations. They give skin the nourishment it needs in a short amount of time. They’re also extremely relaxing, so there’s no wonder why men and women love them (see Rita Ora above)!
Here are 3 top benefits of using a face mask:


Health Benefits

Face masks offer a wide range of skin care benefits in one application. It is the easiest way to tackle your skin problems head-on. There is a face mask for every skin type and tissue you can imagine! From cleansing to moisturising and even age-defying… if you have an issue with your skin, there’ll be a solution in the form of a face mask! 



It’s relaxing… need we say more? Well, we’re going to anyway. Masks not only nourish the skin but they’re a great way to set aside some time for you. Whether you finally get around to read that book which has been collecting dust on your shelf, catch up on the latest TV series or simply, sit and meditate… your skin won’t be the only one feeling rejuvenated after!


Easy To Use

Applying a face mask is incredibly simple. And applying a sheet face mask is even easier! All you need is the mask and a spare few minutes. Simply tear open the pouch, place the mask on your face and VOILA – a no-mess, no-fuss treatment in seconds. Now just sit, wait and reap the benefits…

Life is too short to be self-conscious and worrying if your skin blemishes are noticeable. Tackle those problems head-on by introducing face masks to your skin routine. You can thank us later!