Victoria’s Secret Show 2013 – What are the angels skincare secrets? November 14 2013

It’s that time of year again. You know the one. You curl up on the lounge with a few girlfriends (boyfriends are obviously banned) and you gaze at the screen while tall, beautiful models sashay down the glittery runway. They make walking in heels look like a breeze, in fact, I’m convinced they wear functional wings and they’re gently flying back and forth. The show attracts millions of viewers around the world and it’s not hard to see why...


We’ve heard all about their diet secrets – clean eating and exercise. But what about the secrets to their glowing skin? Well here they are...


Behati Prinsloo’s secret: Less is more.

“I’m very minimal, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just a little concealer and mascara.”


Candice Swanepoel’s secret – Stock up on vitamins.

“It's most important to think about what you're eating. It's just trying to make sure I get Vitamin C or D. You can't have glowing skin on nothing."


Alessandra  Ambrosio’s secret:  Use gradual tan moisturiser.

“It's pretty much goof-proof and it has SPF 15 so I look glowy and stay protected from the sun at the same time."


Lily Aldridge’s secret: Slap on sunscreen.

"I don't leave home without it!.”


Doutzen Kroes’ secret: Cut out junk food.

"Lots of protein, salads - no chocolates, no candies." 



Cara Delevingne’s secret: Don’t go to bed with makeup on. 

“I use simple face wipes to get the makeup off.”


Erin Heatherton’s secret: Hydrating face masks.

"Leading up to the show, I use face masks and hair treatments so I feel extra-conditioned and soothed.”

So there you have it folks. Now you know the secret to those fresh, angelic faces. You can thank us later. Gather some friends, grab a pack of cleanskinco masks and sit back and enjoy the enchanting visual journey that is: The Victoria’s Secret Show 2013.


We cannot wait.











5 Simple Steps To Glowing Skin! October 10 2013

A face mask a day, keeps fine-lines away! It’s all about hydration. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it needs an adequate amount of care. If you are after an even deeper face mask treatment, follow these 5 steps:


  1. Cleanse the skin
    Use a cleanser to take the dead skin off before applying your mask. This will allow the mask to penetrate your skin cells.


  1. Steam your face
    Fill your sink with hot water. Then drape a towel over your head and lean over the sink - but don’t get too close! This will open up your pores which will help to release the toxins.


  1. Apply the mask. 
    Tear open the pouch and apply the mask. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles!


  1. Moisturise the skin. 
    After removing the mask, rub any remaining product into your skin and neck. This will continue to hydrate your cells.


  1. Repeat! 
    Once you start living with healthy, glowing skin... you’ll never go back!